Tuesday, November 13, 2012

How I met Lewis by Tanya

It was one of those times where i was going through a slump socially
and didnt feel like going out or being involved in the social scene
(which i must admit was odd for me coz i'm such a free spirit). My
friends meanwhile, thought I was being soooo lame so they would always
try to convice me to go out with them, and would continuously call me
a "party pooper" lol.
So anyway, this particular friday, i had been sitting in the salon all
day and left there at around 10.30pm (i'm sure yall understand what
that's like) and all i wanted to do was go home, get some McDonalds
and hang with my friends Carrie, Miranda, Char and Sam (lol). But my
friends weren't hearing it. So they basically showed up and hijacked
me and dragged me to the club.

The club was packed and after wrestling and fighting to get to the
section where our other friends were - i came up the stairs.....and
standing next to a guy friend of mine....there HE was. I noticed him
immediately, and even though he's not really someone i can say is my
type (physically) - apart from being light skinned, i felt
butterflies.What made me skip a beat was the fact that he was so sure
of himself - without saying a word - i knew he wasfunny,  driven and
confident as all hell. Being me, i wallked straight past him and went
and stood next to the table, so my back was to his back.
After about 5 minutes, i felt a tap on my shoulder, turned around and
it was him, he looked me right in the eyes and in that second he saw
right through me. You know when they say someone "pierced" someone
with their eyes? that's what he did to me  "please pass me some ice?"
he asked. I pretended to look annoyed and without saying a word passed
him a glass with ice in it. He thanked me and turned back around. A
few minutes later, he tapped me again, looked right into my soul again
and asked "please would you come and join me on the couch, i need to
talk to you", don't ask me why i took his hand and allowed him to lead
me to the couch right in the corner, away from all our friends. All i
can say i know is, the next time i looked up, the club was almost
empty and it was almost 4 hours later.
I also can't tell you what we spoke about, but i know that it was one
of those easy convos and as corny as it sounds, it was as if no one
else was around. The club music didn't even seem that loud to us. When
my friends came to get me for us to leave, he asked for my number and
i told him to get it from our mutual friend.
On the drive home, at about 5am, our mutual friend called me and asked
me to come to his place....i don't know why i did it (actually i do -
my best friend told me to!),but i went over there.
Lewis opened the door for me and led me to the other room, where he
and i sat on the couch and continued talking, this time we spoke about
life, and our families and careers and dreams, and before i knew it,
it was 11am. At which point I decided i should go. He walked me to my
car and the whole time i kept looking at his lips wondering why he
hadn't kissed me yet (lol) because the chemistry and electricity was
just unreal. I got into the car, and drove off. As i got to the gate,
he called my phone and told me to wait there, he walked up to my
window, without hesitating, i opened it - and he leaned forward and
gave me the sweetest, softest kiss i've ever had (i'm so corny - but i
love it!) When i got home i got this text message - which is still
saved on my phone (hey, I told you i'm a cornball!) "I cant promise u
I'm gonna be perfect, we are gonna have differences. But I can promise
you, as long as you want me to be, i'm here". *sigh*

And the rest, as they say - is history.

Monday, October 24, 2011

How I met him by Damiete.

How I met S
OK so some people might think my story is not romantic but mind this is Lagos and the idea of a romantic date here for some people is going clubbing and pouring oogles of champagne down a girl’s throat. 

I met S at a restaurant in Lagos. I was there for a friend’s birthday party and was feeling extremely bored.  So I kept going outside to wile away time. Once when I was outside I noticed this group of guys and a finnneee looking dude in the group. I noticed that the group kept looking at me not very subtly if I might add , and I also noticed Mr fine staring at me and smiling at his friends. ‘These dude are for sure talking about me’ I thought. It made me blush a little and because I hate being the centre of attention I hightailed back into the restaurant with a slight smile. Suddenly I started having a mini asthma attack and since I get uncomfortable pulling my inhaler out in front of a bunch of people, I go outside to a secluded part of the restaurant  to pull out ‘trusty blue’ (yeah I named my inhaler. Don’t judge me). 

While outside, who should approach my little secluded corner than Mr fine

‘Excuse me are you ok?’ Mr fine asks

‘Yeah I am, thanks’ i reply (obviously am not)

I try to hide my inhaler but to no avail

‘You don’t have to hide that you know, I understand. I’m asthmatic also’

‘You know some camomile tea will help ease your attacks’ he adds  ‘come with me’

He takes my hand and gently leads me into the restaurant and instructs the staff to make me some tea

He introduces himself as Stan and by the time the tea arrived I was falling for him :p

He confesses that his friends were indeed staring at me, because he had pointed out to them how gorgeous i was.*blush*

Unfortunately my friend came looking for me but I had to leave but not before Stan got my number.

I’ll see you soon’ he promised with a little smile

The next day at about noon I get a call from Stan and he wants to see me.  He asks me out for that evening and God knows I could not front, i very nearly screamed out ‘yessssss’. ‘ok’ imanage to reply somewhat calmly.

I am so excited for that evening, He picks me up and he takes me to a restaurant and we just sit and chat, just drinking tea. By the time it got late he suggested that we make it a proper date. He then takes me to a private picnic area near the water (this is in lekki for  those familiar with Lagos) and we just drank wine and talked. By the end of the night i was planning the names of our babies.

Unfortunately, things didn’t work out between Stan and i but it is an encounter I will never forget. Siiigggghhhhh.

Friday, September 23, 2011

How I met him by Amarie

I'd been in Ghana for 2 months already and not one piece of eye candy. The only advances I received were those of the drunken chiefs who wanted to marry me & were so insistent on doing so before I returned to London.

I'd given up, I had travelled to Accra, Kumasi, Sunyanye and a few other places - still nothing! And when I did see a guy that was okay-ish, he would be smitten with my Libyan friend and would spend all his time trying to woo her. Needless to say, I gave up. I didn't find them attractive and I guess the feeling was mutual.

One day, I was going to teach Dance in the summer camp, strolling along as usual, waving to the village residents. I walked in the class and saw this tall, caramel, well built figure with his back to me. I was so confused, I hadn't seen anybody like this in the village. I shrugged it off and started to prepare for the class, midway through my warm up, one of the little girls ran up to me and said 'akua (that's the name they gave me) meet my senior brother Edward'

Edward turned around, *I'm sure he did that in slow motion lol* and he smiled. I could have fainted there and then, he was beautiful. Big brown eyes, chiselled jaw, the whitest teeth I had ever seen, caramel complexion and strong built arms that I couldn't stop staring at. I must have drifted off with my thoughts because I hadn't introduced myself and his little sister was still tugging at my skirt.

Hi, I'm akua. He smiled and replied, 'obroni bibini' - I laughed. I asked if he would stay for the lesson but he said he had to run an errand. Over the next few days, we would hang out. I liked him, he liked me - it was so evident that my fellow volunteers used to make little jokes about it. I didn't care! He would ask me about London and I would ask him about his life etc.

His age had never come up before, I just assumed he was my age - I mean big muscles and all, he had to have been over 21! When I found out he had to return to boarding school, I was shocked, not even university. Edward was 17! *cries* 17!!!!!!!!!! He was talking about writing letters and all sorts to keep in contact but I knew I wouldn't be able to keep it up. He left for school 2 days before I left the village... I went to see him off. He said bye to everyone, gave me a big hug and slipped me a piece of paper. He slung his rucksack over his shoulder and got on the danfo.... And that was that!

I opened the paper he gave me and he had written his name and forwarding address. I knew I wouldn't send a letter to him but I kept it, came across it the other day and smiled, that's how I met Edward.

Monday, August 29, 2011

How I met him - Tola

How I met him.

By Tola Sunmonu

So you know how people say you can never find a boo at the club? Well, I used to be one of those people. When I was 18, I’d just graduated from boarding school in England and was spending my last summer in London before the big move to Stanford. Less than two weeks before moving, I was waiting outside a club in Leicester square for my friend Amanda. After waiting in KFC for over an hour, she finally graced me with her presence but by this point I was irritated, the club would only be open for another hour and I just wanted to go home. But after much convincing, I reluctantly went it.

I instantly perked up when I spotted the most beautiful thing I had ever seen. This dude looked like an Adonis, I had seen him around a couple of times and I was determined to make him fall madly in love with me at first sight. I was a woman on a mission and I wasn’t going to let anything stand in my way! So while forming my game plan I head over to the bar and I see Dennis, my friends prom date from a couple months back. I say hi, give him a quick hug and kind of acknowledge his friend standing next to him. I didn’t have time for conversation, I had an Adonis to catch!

Standing at the bar, I catch Dennis’s friend looking at me and I think ‘uggh please do not try and talk to me, I really don’t have time’. I hear him ask Dennis about me and Dennis’s response is “Yeh she is cool, give it a go.” Crap, it’s too late to plan my exit and before I can run, he leans in to make his move. Just as I am about to give my well rehearsed “I’m not interested speech,” I catch myself laughing. Could it be that he didn’t use a corny line like many of his Nigerian Bretheren?? I was shocked and for a second I briefly forgot about the Adonis. He offered to buy me a drink and I panicked. I was only 18 and didn’t know anything on a drink menu past a Smirnoff ice. So trying to sound casual and sophisticated, I asked for a martini with a splash of cranberry because I had heard my older sister order that once before. (He still teases me about this). So we start talking and I’m impressed that he isn’t trying to grind all over me. He tells me he is 21 and I’m in shock because I only ever get 35 year olds trying to hit on me and when he tells me he has a job, I just about pass out. (Goes to show the fools I was messing with before).

Anyway, I snap back to me senses and remember my Adonis, I make eye contact with Amanda, she comes over, makes up an excuse about needing me to help her with her makeup or something and I leave. I spend the whole night dancing around in my short tight black dress, hoping that the Adonis will take one look at me and scoop me away into the night. Instead, Dennis’s friend spots me, I try and duck but its too late. He says something corny about how he has been looking for me, I smile, say something awkward and walk away. I couldn’t waste anymore time with him, I had 15 minutes to try and close the deal with my Adonis.

The club closes. No Adonis. On the way home, Amanda asks me about Dennis’s friend, I say he is nice but not my type and quickly steer the conversation back to the Greek God.

3 days later, I catch myself thinking about Dennis’s friend. I wrote on Dennis’s wall, knowing that if his friend was looking for me, he would find me. Like clockwork, I get a facebook message “I finally found you after 72 hours of searching.” (I still tease him about the corniness of that line) A message turned into a 6 hour phone conversation. Before we knew it, we were sharing secrets like we had been friends for years. Over the next 10 days, I was on cloud 9, we couldn’t stay away from each other, it was such an extraordinary attraction. My 10 days were up and it was time to move to Stanford, we promised to stay in touch but at the airport I find myself bawling uncontrollably. It was supposed to be a fling but neither of us could stop thinking about each other. I swore I would never be in a long distance relationship but 4 years later, here we are. We are best friends and madly in love and I thank my lucky stars that the Adonis never looked my way.

Tuesday, August 9, 2011

How I met M. - Kaven

It was the summer of **** and we were out of school for the summer. My friend was throwing a huge party for his milestone birthday and we had been invited. Now my friend was one of those popular guys and his parties had always ALWAYS ALWAYS been epic. Now that he was throwing this gig for such an important age, I knew it was going to be some kind of party..hahaha. The party was in NYC (at this time I was still a DC head) so my crew and I decided to book a hotel in the city. It was also very close to the location of the party. At this point in my life…I was VERY new to partying in NY…the only other time I had gone for a shindig in NY was in Webster Hall O_O…Yeah. It was a white party so we planned accordingly…I had my outfit ready by the time I reached the city…it wasn’t all white but hey...Black short skirt with a white frilly Bebe top complete with a black belt and black pumps…excuse me can you say “B.A.B.E” ?? Honestly I had shopped tirelessly for that outfit and in my head (at that time) I thought it was the best thing ever. I was so hype for that party..I don’t even know why?? Lol.

This “epic” party was located in a loft in the city. The moment the elevator doors opened..I knew it was going to be one of the best nights of my life. It was an all white loft and everyone there was wearing white…they all looked so nice. There were waiters with champagne and hors d'oeuvres...the DJ was going hard with the music…my friends and I were in heaven.

Sigh. Sometime in my little night of fun…I spotted one of the finest guys I had ever seen in my life. He looked like a movie star..I kid you not...he had one of the greatest smiles ever..I couldn’t even look at him for long because he was just so fine. I did not understand it. So of course being a girl I alerted my friends to check him out..I mean what would you have done O_O…I was like “can you imagine being with that kind of guy? My life would be complete” ….yeah it was that pathetic *hangs head* He just kept smiling and laughing and I kept stealing glances at him. I was head over heels in love. I felt like he was so far away from me even though we were in the same place…I finally understood the meaning of levels dey :\

So I had just finished talking to my friend who was throwing the party when I heard a voice behind me. I turned back and saw the guy that the love of my life had been talking to all night. He asked me what my name was and we started a conversation. He was so funny. He was also so cute. At this point I was like I guess this is my life and this is the way things happen. Never get the guy I want but get the friend...Ladies I was settling. We had spoken for like a couple of minutes…[translation: we had become buddies..lol]…when he suddenly asked me to come with him to the balcony because someone wanted to meet me. I followed him to the balcony and when I got there he introduced me to his friend that wanted to meet me. His gaddam friend was the love of my life!!!!!!!!! I mean I knew they had been talking all night but I DID NOT EXPECT THIS!! My new friend introduced him as M the guy who had been dying to meet me all night. He gave me one of the smiles I had been dying over all night. I almost died. I TRIED to play it cool but my heart was beating so fast. How was I going to talk to this person??? How could this be happening to me?

Friday, August 5, 2011

How I met the boy by Sayo

I went back home for a well deserved vacation. I was going to be away from 'the real world' for a full month so you can imagine my excitement.

One random Friday night after work, my sister returns home all excited dancing and singing saying "Shay we have to go out tonight...I'm in this mood and I just have to dance". Obviously, me being on holiday I jumped up, called a few friends and told them to 'follow through'. Then the night started. Mind you, my sisters goal for the night was to 'introduce me' to her friends younger brother and I'm there thinking " Pshhh here we go again".
So we're at the lounge, getting drinks, dancing a little and I notice my sister talking to some of her fine ass friends. Then she starts with the introductions... "Shay this is (let's call him Maurice) Maurice and his brother Anthony". I say hi to the both of them and let them know who my friends are. Now Anthony was the one I was 'eyeing' but that stopped not too long after I noticed he was staring at one of my friends *rolls eyes*. So the night ended shortly after that.....well for me at least.

About 3-4days later. Ria (the friends Anthony was eyeing) and I went out for drinks. On our way out we spotted both Maurice and Anthony walking towards us.--Now in my mind I'm thinking all sorts...How fine he is...How I like the way he's dressed etc--- Maurice stops Ria and does the whole 'oh I met you before' thing....No one seems to remember where or when *LIES* Because I definitely said " We all met through my sister" ---low and behold The Voice From The Back. The expression on both their faces was nothing but Priceless. That's when Anthony walks towards me and is like
"You're lying , you can't be Dami's sister" and we're going back and forth for like 2minutes. All of a sudden this boy takes it upon himself to stretch his hand out and place it on my forearm. I'm there looking like "Errr 'scuse me brada but I don't know you like that' and he's going on about how soft my skin is and blah blah blah.
Ok to be completely honest with you I was melting on the inside, he was standing so close to me I didn't know how else to control myself but be defensive.
He apologized and simply asked for my number and bb pin...I gave him my number, then Ria and I finally left. The next day I woke up to a text from him saying Good Morning, asking what I had planned for the day and if I wanted to meet up with him.
-- Now I don't know about you....but for me..I wait till I know a little about the guy before I meet up with him or anything. So for about 2 or 3 days I came up with excuses which worked in my favor because I managed to find a friend of mine who went to school with Anthony and gave me the "Go Ahead".

But yeah soon after, Anthony would call me everyday just to find out where I was and no matter where, he'd stop by and say hi to me. The best part was when he came to meet me at the hair salon. Thank GOD my hair was done, Mr John (baddest hairdresser I know) was hooking it up so Anthony was somewhat
speechless *giggles*. From there we went to lunch and my holiday just continued this way.

Let's just say .....'and the rest is history' --In a good way of course =)

Friday, July 29, 2011

How i met A by Kayla Collins

Young love is a terrible thing. It makes you doubt your looks, curse your mother for that dress she forced you to wear and miss out on slices of chocolate cake because your tummy is full of butterflies!

The first person who I remember ever having strong feelings for was a guy called A (sorry, I can't use his full name because he'll probably see this someday lol). This was way back when I used to live in Nigeria. It was my first day at my new school in Lagos. For everyone who has gone to school in Lagos, I had just started SS1...for everyone else I had just started 10th grade. Of course I was super late so everyone else had chosen a really good seat, and being a "studious girl" I was so frustrated that the first row of seats were filled! The only open spots were these two seats right at the back, in fact, they were so far back that they blended quite well into the shadows. Shy and quiet as I was, I contentedly scurried away to the one of the seats and glowered as I unpacked my bag, all while enduring the endless whispers of "is that the new girl", "she looks silly", "she doesn't look nigerian".....

And just when I thought the worst was over, he walked in, bag slung on one shoulder, looking like he owned the damn earth as everyone (the girls) in class became giddy with excitement. He stopped, swept over the class and shrugged as he realized there were no seats left, well except the one right next to me. I pretended to look for something in my bag as he came closer, I was so nervous that I nearly jumped when he sat right next to me me and tapped me on the shoulder.

A: "Are you new here? I've never seen you before"
Me: "Yes"
A: "What's your name"
Me: "Kayla"
A: "Okay, well can I borrow you pen?"

I picked up my pen (my only pen) from my desk and handed it to him.
A: "Thanks Kayla"
Right before the first period, A hands me back my pen. He tells me that he knew I only had one but he was just trying to test me. I nearly choked, partly because I couldn't believe i had given away my only pen to some guy and also because he had the nerve to taunt me like that. It was about two months into that school year that A and I had pretty much gone from seat mates to soul mates. We did everything together, laughed together, sat in the cafeteria together, got punished together (yes, we both knelt down under the hot sun - Nigerian style) and talked to each other at bedtime, until my mother found out and banned me from using the phone.

My parents were moving to Georgia right after the term ended, and I was crushed to have to leave especially since A and I would never see each other again. We met in our classroom, right after everyone had left to go home and I cried like a baby. I had never hugged a boy before that day, so hugging A was the most nerve-racking but beautiful feeling ever! But the real shocker came when A touched my face, inched close and then kissed me right on the lips. Actually I was scandalized! Those movies on M-Net failed to prepare me for what I experienced! But looking back, it was a lovely kiss. I was only fourteen but I know that A was definitely my first love.

*****UPDATE: We're really good friends now though, we actually met up two months ago with my current boyfriend who I love more than life :-) Still, young love is awesome.